Remote control and dispatching.

LLC "ACT-Technology" develops and implements remote control systems, for example:

  • crane pads of trunk oil pipelines;
  • oil and gas wells;
  • gas distribution stations and gas control points.

In implementing the tasks we using modern hardware complexes which based on "ACT" own production (analog of controllers eNet, Serck Controls production), and controllers from Siemens.

We use equipment which based on wired and wireless technologies in the transmission of data from remote sites.

For display, analysis, and interaction with the operator / manager at the "upper" level we use SCADA packages SCX6, Serck Controls production and WinCC, Siemens production.

The above packages can:

  • display current and historical values of telemetry;
  • signal to the operator and store information when you change discrete states;
  • remote control of technological equipment;
  • for easy perception of the information can be used by manufacturing drawings and maps as a substrate, tables, charts and graphs.